Trish is a 20-something from Sydney, Australia.

She enjoys window shopping, bargain hunting, coffee, discovering little rural and remote towns in the Australian outdoors, buying kitchen gadgets and utensils, watching Nigella Lawson/Jamie Oliver/Ian Hewitson cooking shows, oggling over cute dogs and puppies, looking at and smelling tiger lilies, and of course, cooking and baking and eating!

During daytime, you can find her taking the train to the city, walking through QVB, and working as a corporate slave. On Fridays after work she’ll be seen in the company of her friends, with great conversations assisted by some wine and a few cocktails. Saturday mornings are ritually spent in the gym, whilst the afternoons and evenings are exclusively for family, friends, and her third love, the city of Sydney itself.

Although she does the usual 9-5 corporate grind, she still maintains a few constants in her life:

2. God – I am a Christian by faith, and a true, honest relationship with God is something I truly believe in.

2. Gym – I admit, I have become one of those gym-obsessed freaks. But not by much, really. I go to the gym 5 times a week, sometimes spending 1-2 hours per day. My excuse of going this regularly was so I can eat whatever I want – and it is true, I can guiltlessly eat a delicious, decadent triple chocolate cupcake because I know I’ve burnt it off/will be burning it off in the gym – but in true honesty, I just thoroughly enjoy exercising. I am addicted to the energetic, endorphined, and euphorific feeling of exercising (wow what a play on words!)!

3. Kitchen – well, what did you think it would be? Gardening? Bungee-jumping? Of course it’s the kitchen! I love cooking and baking. My love for anything kitchen-related stemmed from my mum’s homemade cooking. She cooks a variety of dishes, but mostly influenced by Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish cooking (you can tell where my heritage/s are from now!). I have tweaked most of her dishes to my own taste, but, as Nigella Lawson said, “don’t change something that’s already delicious” or something to that effect, so it’s just very very minor tweaking. Another good Nigella Lawson quote is, “With family, it’s just easier”. Hear hear!


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