About Sugarcream

Sometimes you create something, and it turns out unexpectedly grand and great.

That’s what happened to me and baking.

I used to hate baking with a passion. I never touched the oven until last year, because I always thought that baking was for those stepford wives, domesticated cliche’d women wearing aprons with hot rollers in their hair and a baking pin in their hands. But, I digress. Baking seems fun, and the motivation to bake was precipitated by a handful of cooking and baking books given to me as presents from friends who insist that while I’ve managed to do well in the cooking department, maybe I should venture out into the baking world. So I did. 

I started off baking I guess the same way as most people – use the shortcut, ready to bake, supermarket-grade, boxed mixtures. My first few cupcake attempts were beyond pathetic. Sometimes soggy, sometimes burnt, always a failure. Then slowly, I got to discover the right tools (hello mixer!), the right batter consistency, the right oven temperature, and the right baking time. Soon I progressed to trialling out mixtures from scratch.

I now have a kitchen cabinet full of baking essentials, plus a few baking treats of my own (some sugar pearls, sprinkles, babycake patty pans, really really gorgeous cocoa, dark/milk/white chocolate bars, melts, and choc chips!). I have yet to save up for a good kitchen mixer, but for now, my trusty $20 handheld mixer is doing it’s job, and a very good one at that too!

So, here’s my attempt at chronicling my baking escapades, hoping that on each cupcake, bagel, cookie, and cake, I have imparted something from my personality and my love for cooking and baking.


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