Bake We Must!

16 December 2008 at 11:52 am Leave a comment

I didn’t bake, cook, whipped, stirred, mixed, or anything remotely related to the kitchen, because I was too bummed out from the 3 dozen or so cupcakes I baked two weekends ago. Plus, I knew that this coming weekend (oh the weekend before Christmas!) and the day before Christmas will be dedicated to me, myself, and the kitchen. Why, you may ask? Simple! I have decided to do what I have never done before: give baked goods for Christmas. And not just simple vanilla and choc chip cupcakes (ok maybe those too)… I’m doing cheesecakes and brownies and sundae cupcakes and chamomile cakes and banana and walnut slices… ohmy!

Also, it has been H-E-C-T-I-C at work the past few weeks because the office is closing during the holidays. Closed office + workmates going on extended leave = deadlines! Urkurkurk!

So I have been going home close to 9pm everynight, because I leave the office close to 6.30pm now which means I am only able to catch the really late Body Attack (aerobics) classes that finishes at 8.30pm. I get home tired, knackered, and sore, that I only have enough time to eat my first decent meal of the day (again, because I don’t have enough time to eat a proper meal at work during the day), watch a bit of my favourite primetime shows on tv (ahhhh hello Fringe, NCIS, and SVU), brush my teeth, and off to bed to start everything all over again the next day.

Enough ramblings from me. I am planning on making these creations during the Christmas holidays as presents, Kris Kringle, and party desserts on the boyfriend’s family’s Christmas day lunch!

1. Chocolate cheesecake brownie – from Donna Hay’s Chocolate book
2. Banana and walnut cake with cream cheese frosting and dessicated coconut.
3. Chocolate and vanilla (as bases) sundae cupcakes – topped with caramel sauce, whipped cream, nuts, a glace cherry, and a wafer.
4. Coconut babycakes with coconut cream cheese frosting
5. Vanilla babycakes with caramel frosting
6. Chamomile and orange carrot cake with cream cheese frosting – I can’t remember where I actually got the recipe from… will get back to you on that one. It’s definitely from one of the popular food blogs out there!

Oh, and I’ve been given in charge of the dinner to make for the Noche Buena, or the eve of Christmas day. You see, in Filipino tradition, the eve of the 24th is just as important as the Christmas day itself. Families were known to cook up a storm and fill the dining table with loads and loads of food – hamon (ham) with sweet pineapple sauce, pancit (noodles), lechon (slow roasted pork with crackling), and the oh so sinful Filipino desserts: bibingka (sticky rice cake), cuchinta and sapin sapin (another sticky rice cake), leche flan (creme caramel), brazo de mercedes (a sort of soft meringue-esque cake with sweet custard in the middle), and many others.

Ok, I may not have the skills to make those, but I’ll see what I can do on the day. It’ll most probably be semi-healthy, since we’re all watching Dad’s cholesterol levels. I might even divert a little bit away from the Filipino in me and do a bit of seafood action like what the Aussies do: prawns, prawns, and more prawns! Maybe grill some salmon, toss some greens, roast a tray of mixed veggies, and a huge plate of fresh season fruits: mango, berries, and cherries! Oh just imagine the colours!

It is summer here in Australia, so no white Christmas, Mr Snowman, hot chocolate by the fire action going on. Yes, we love our Christmas hot, by the beach, the barbie going on, a beer in one hand, and the oh-so-embarrassing-why-do-I-keep-wearing-them-every-year-but-I-still-do paper crown hats you get as a freebie inside the Christmas crackers.

Hmm… ok.. this is the longest non-baking related post I’ve done, so I’ll shut up and go to bed. But first… a little consult with Miss Nigella (in her Nigella Christmas book!) on what she recommend for a good, fuss-free Christmas dinner!


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Chocolate Cupcakes and Babycakes Christmas Cake Presents – Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie and Banana and Coconut Cake

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