Japan Food Photos! Day 2

3 December 2008 at 10:24 am Leave a comment

Jetstar plane food from Gold Coast to Osaka – the meal wasn’t too bad. In fact, it actually tasted great!

Chicken teriyaki with rice and black sesame seeds and mixed veggies

The whole meal for $15… not bad!

Fluffy couscous with pumpkin and herbs

The boyfriend’s meal – Japanese pork curry

Several food on our 2nd day in Japan… this time in Hiroshima – breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea!

Mixed mussels and other seafood goodness! – for a 3pm lunch!

Mixed seafood with roast potatoes and radish centre

Some sort of deep fried crumbed seafood – I wasn’t familiar with the dish but I had an inkling it might be mussels or sea urchin. What do you think?

Very happy (and hungry!) me!!!

And then random food hunts around Hiroshima station while waiting for the shinkansen back to Osaka saw us buying different Hiroshima goodies, including…

Red bean pancakelets!

I bought 4 so I can eat them for breakfast. They were perfect as breakfast because they were pretty filling, but not too heavy! Just right!

Beautiful bakeries in Hiroshima (and consequently, around Japan!) – the taste of the food is just as important as its appearance. I love the artistry and creativity poured into each creation!

Bakeshop where I bought some bread and strawberry jam for breakky

They had chicken and pizza and other fried stuff inside the bakeshop!

And the cutest baked goodies I’ve seen in Japan!

How can you possibly eat them? They’re so cute!

PS. I can’t remember the name of the dishes because they were all in Japanese. All I know was that they all tasted superb!


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